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Vince Lapico Construction Featured in 2013 Article

Vince Lapico Construction Featured in 2013 Article


With a passion for quality, Vince Lapico has taken an artisan approach to his work. “Pride in craftsmanship was instilled in me by my late father and his company, Vin-Pico Construction,” says Vince. Today, his own company, Vince Lapico Construction, is a full service building contractor that has been providing custom built homes and renovations since 2009.

With a full scope of services including custom designs for new home construction or renovations and additions, Vince Lapico Construction has built a reputation for timeless quality. New home construction is an exciting blank canvas, yet home renovations and additions present inspiring ways to showcase the detailed quality of that pride in craftsmanship.

“It’s very rewarding to be able to help people transform the homes they love into something more. What matters to them is that they want more from the home they are attached to. Their needs have changed over time. I enjoy the challenge of creating a seamless transition from existing to new space, especially when it is a heritage home,” Vince says.

Transforming kitchens is a popular request of Vince Lapico Construction. “When you realize that the kitchen is the heart of the home, the center of activity, that’s not surprising. Often it needs to be opened up to allow the convenience of day-to-day life and modern technology. I like to warm it up with wood,” says Vince. “There are so many ways to do that and for each family it’s different,” he notes. “You can really blend personality with purpose, heritage with future.

It’s a matter of rethinking space and layout, introducing different materials, selecting the best wood grains. After selection is the care
in handling, that’s where the skill comes in and the real expression of craftsmanship. You can see the intriguing examples of this in the
photo gallery of the company’s web site at “There is something about the challenge of creating a feel, a flow to space that is timeless. It’s an elegance in itself and I enjoy seeing how each home has it’s own personality that shines in my work,” Vince notes. An important component of that home’s personality is the lifestyle needs of its occupants. Today there are many building materials available, sourced from across the globe. They all have different properties providing performance and environmental benefits.

Whether discussing granite or marble, dark walnut or maple, natural or manufactured stone, fire or mould resistant drywall, and of course, energy efficiency, Vince Lapico’s collaboration with is team of licensed designers and tradesmen help you understand the choices
open to you. Vince embraces the exchange of ideas and informed recommendations that inspire successful results everyone involved
can be proud of.

“My name is on the sign. I take it seriously. The final eye of the project is critical, it has to pass my own harsh inspection as well as the client’s.”

Vince Lapico Construction has building lots available for residential construction in Southwood Lakes and as well, will build your custom home on a lot you have selected. If you have a desire for timeless quality and craftsmanship, you have the right partnership in Vince Lapico Construction.